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Daily Connect: Branding like a Buddhist?

An article in today's Guardian reports that Thai brand strategist Sirikul Laukaikul is offering corporate clients "karma marketing" tools; a way to promote their products while understanding sufficiency, being mindful, and behaving responsibly.  She wants to discourage greed by encouraging generosity and sharing. 

In Buddhism, greed is one of the Three Poisons; mindstates which lead to personal unhappiness and collective harm.  Greed is usually created by desperate desire, which arises through a misunderstanding of the cause of happiness.  We think that we don't have enough, and that having more of something will make us feel better. But since contentment and peace of mind can't be obtained outside of ourselves, we just keep consuming more and more without feeling fulfilled or satisfied.  Sirikul Laukaikul describes how businesses can understand this and become less grasping:
“Most marketing is based on just one word: 'more'.  When we try to create more and more and more all the time, that we call greed. Anything beyond your needs is greed. Start with yourself – have enough for yourself first – but don’t stay there forever. Extend it to others – make it enough for others – and be moderate on taking, but be generous on giving. That’s the whole idea of the sufficiency economy. Just say ‘I have enough’.”
Ms. Laukaikul presented her ideas to multi-national corporations such as Coca-Cola and eBay.  Their attendance suggests that perhaps the business world is ready to consider acting with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all beings, rather than simply buying and selling for short-term satisfaction. 
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