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Daily Connection: Talking about Nothing?

I just recently found out about a brilliant upcoming lecture series at the Rubin Museum of Art on Talk About Nothing featuring the illustrious likes of Laurie Anderson, Bill Viola and Karen Armstrong. Not a tad bit ironically, its producer, Tim McHenry notes, "There will be a lot to say."

And although sometimes I think that nothing as a translation of the Buddhist understanding of emptiness is a bit confusing (because, after all, emptiness is not really a zero or vacuum or any of those other ideas we Westerners tend to associate with that gaping void called "nothing"), the series is looking to be one of the most exciting things happening in NYC this Autumn. So enjoy this gorgeous Thursday contemplating nothing, and if you're feeling particularly inspired, consider entering the Rubin Museum of Art video contest whereby you may very well win 10 tickets to the series for nothing, by showing them nothing

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"The idea of nothing has bugged people for centuries, especially in the Western world. We have a saying in Latin, Ex nihilo nuhil fit, which means "out of nothing comes nothing." It has occurred to me that this is a fallacy of tremendous proportions.

It lies at the root of all our common sense, not only in the West, but in many parts of the East as well. It manifests in a kind of terror of nothing, a put-down on nothing, and a put-down on everything associated with nothing, such as sleep, passivity, rest, and even the feminine principles. But to me nothing -- the negative, the empty -- is exceedingly powerful. I would say, on the contrary, you can't have something without nothing."

-Alan Watts

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"Talking about Nothing"

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