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Daily Connect: Crazy Wisdom? An Inimate Look at Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

So. If you're like me, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche is a bit of a mystery. He loved his women and his alcohol. And he loved his dharma. In a period of just a couple of decades he spearheaded major meditation centers, wrote books, founded the first Buddhist university in the western hemisphere, and was a calligraphy MASTER. What?!? The devotion and love he inspired in others not just for himself but for the world is awe-inspiring. Rock star buddhist? There no one else that even comes close. But his love affair with indulgence, excess and debauchery has also had a lasting effect on the perceived legitimacy and legacy of the Shambhala lineage. Fascinated? Repulsed? Oh. Me too.

A new documentary entitled Crazy Wisdom on Chogyman Trungpa, however, may shine some light on this disputatious and revered Buddhist figure, capturing "perhaps the first truly intimate and honest picture of Trungpa’s controversial life."

Yeah. Count me in. I'll see that.

“The film was not so much about his teachings as it was about him. One of the directions that I made to myself was that I wanted to make a film where my audience gets to experience his mind, even a glimpse. I feel like if you experience that, if you go through your own changes, questioning him, questioning his life, questioning where Naropa’s at right now or whatever …  you go beyond that and just be there. I wanted you to experience what being around him was for me. So I hope I got that done a little bit.” - Johanna Demetrakas, filmmaker

Crazy Wisdom?:

But true compassion is ruthless, from ego's point of view, because it does not consider ego's drive to maintain itself...It is totally wise, but it is crazy as well, because it does not relate to ego's literal and simpleminded attempts to secure its own comfort. - CTR

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Thanks for everything

That is very interesting

That is very interesting Smile I love reading and I am always searching for informative information like this. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this great article.The devotion and love he inspired in others not just for himself but for the world is awe-inspiring. Rock star buddhist? There no one else that even comes close.
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Fresh anecdote

New super hero - Man - student.
He manages to make as many feats for December
how much should be done in September, October and November!

the divine madman...

if a teacher's job is to confound the student's addiction to thought (which they imagine to be "rational"), unravel their dedication to a system of judgments, break down their ego and liberate what is essential and beautiful and ugly and strong and fierce and truthful within his students, he was a master, whatever you think of his lifestyle. i wish i could have met him. i'm sure i wouldn't have been courageous enough to be his student. can't wait for the film.

I want to experience his mind

even just a little bit!!! can't wait to see this film. i have the coolest pic of him in my office but i want that one above... where can i get a print???

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