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Daily Connect: The End of Plastic Bags in Delhi

A while ago, IDP's activism wing undertook an initiative to convince local stores and businesses in the East Village to give up the plastic bag convenience addiction. Pithily entitled "Back to the Sack," the real underlying goal of the initiative is to rid the entire city of plastic bag availability. Sound ambitious? It is, but apparently the government in Dehli banned the manufacture and use of plastic bags in the entire city this last Monday! And kids, if a city of over 12 million peeps can do it, little ol' NYC can too. Admittedly, I have not been orthodox with my non-plastic-bag-usage, but I've probably gotten my convenience quotient to a good one every month or two. Not perfect. And not crazy impossible to reduce even further.

Why hate on the poor plastic bag? Oh, besides the fact that they are made of a nonrenewable resource that compromises our national security daily (oil that is, my loves, oil), they don't degrade well at all, breaking down into little bits of poison that infiltrate our water system and food supply. Ew. IDP will have more information on how we're going to try and reinvigorate this program in the future, but, for now, the simple thing to do? Carry a reusable bag with you at all times. And if you forget, and it's possible, carry your purchase home with you in your hands...the ultimate reusable transporting technology we're all born with. Sweet.

Happy Tuesday loves. Happy Tuesday.

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