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How Drinking Blood from a Skull Can Wake You Up

In Korea during the Silla dynasty circa 660 CE, there was this monk named Wonhyo who decided to travel to China with his pal Uisang so they could further their Buddhist studies.

During their long walk one night, they got caught in a torrential downpour and took shelter in a nearby cave where they would sleep until dawn and continue their journey once the storm was over.

Wonhyo woke up in the middle of the night, completely parched, and after groping around in the dark for something to drink he finally came upon a large mug filled with water. He took a few sips and his thirst was instantly quenched. Grateful and relieved, he was then able to sleep peacefully until morning.

As daylight entered the cave he slowly woke up, thirsty once again. With his eyes still closed, Wyonhyo reached for the mug where he’d left it beside his makeshift bed and began drinking from it once more. As he gulped it down he opened his eyes and discovered that he was drinking from a human skull filled with bloody water. There were even some remnants of human flesh still stuck to the bone and more than a few dead flies floating around.

Repulsed, he threw the skull down and as he looked around he realized that he’d spent the night in a tomb, not a cave. Decaying bodies were all around him, many of them crawling with maggots and covered with dried blood.

Completely grossed out, he was astonished to discover how powerful his mind was. He quickly awakened to the fact that the difference between a refuge or a nightmare was determined solely by his mind.

Having learned more than enough, he scrapped his plans to go to China, left the priesthood and went back home to teach the dharma as a layman.

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