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Organizing a Yogi: At the Starting Line

This yogi is not organized.  Not yet!  But I am beginning to develop confidence that such a feat is possible, that I can get my act together.  I can get and, perhaps more importantly, stay organized.  I'm almost done reading the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen and I'm beginning to grasp the GTD technique and methodology.

The Key To Getting Organized

How does one get organized?  Tip: make time for the activity of organization.  Instead of trying to do everything at once (and inevitably failing) schedule a time to JUST organize and not DO any tasks (unless the task will take less than 2 minutes to complete).

It reminds me of the time I was talking to a nutritionist friend of mine and expressing how difficult it is for me to eat vegetables.  The problem being that although I like vegetables and want to eat vegetables when I'm hungry there often aren't any vegetables around.  Her sage advice?  "Margarita, it sounds like you need to go grocery shopping."  Wow!  So simple, but yea... that is the way to ensure I have vegetables at hand when it's time to make dinner.

Set yourself up for success.

Stuff to Manage Stuff

As far as my projects and tasks one idea I'm gleaning from GTD is to get all those "open loops" as Allen calls them out of my head by putting them into a trusted system.  There are lots of ways to set up such a system. 

I'm going to commence with a low tech solution and then go from there.  Some supplies I'll need to have on hand are: paper, pens, folders, filing space, label maker, stapler.

Without strength your softness is a kind of wimpiness, and without softness your strength is mere aggression. -Susan Piver

The Reality

This past week I met an intense writing deadline (with the next one coming up this weekend), read most of the GTD book, discussed organizing styles with my sister and a couple of friends, created an Inbox on my desk (an In-mountain, more like), taught five yoga classes, and had a Spanish lesson.

This morning I ordered a bunch of supplies online.  Now I have to wait for the supplies to arrive before I can get to using them but that will give me time to finish reading, and re-reading, the GTD book and prepare myself and my home office for the coming upheaval. 

When I look around virtually everything I see is an "open loop".  There is lots to organize.  But instead of feeling anxious, or annoyed, or downright repulsed, I'm actually kind of looking forward to the challenge! 



In the column Organizing a Yogi I describe the process of organizing my projects and letting go of procrastination in order to achieve stress-free productivity.

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