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Video: A Headset that Reads Your Brainwaves

Controlling virtual objects with brainwaves....very Matrix.   My first two thoughts upon watching this TED video were: "Do we really need computers to close our curtains for us?" and "This would be an amazing mind training tool".   

In this user test of Emotiv's EPOC headset, we see Evan Grant "Imprinting" certain thought patterns into the computer system.  He thinks "pull" and the computer learns to "pull" a virtual object closer to him.   

In meditation I've been observing the close link between body, emotions and thoughts, to the point where I could guess that when Evan Grant is thinking "pull" he is likely also feeling "pull" elsewhere in his body.  

This is the most exciting aspect to me, that the computer is beginning to reflect a more full bodied form of expression back to the user.  Evan Didn't have to break his "pull" command down into letters on a keyboard in order for the 0's and 1's to interpret his intention.  His feeling tone experience of "pull" is integrated with his conceptual experience of "pull" and the computer has means of interpreting that.  Very cool.

What if we imprinted "desire" and "anger" in the computer and walked around with it on all day.  The feedback would likely be staggering to most (myself included)!  I imagine a great range of possibilities for psycho-emotional education here.

What else do you think this could be used for?

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eeg on the brain

looks like we're both into brain science this week.  this technology is also being used to help people who are completely paralyzed to communicate and do basic tasks.

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