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Walking For Peace

"With Every Step, you touch the ground of reality"

- Tran Thai Tong

Yesterday the Interdependence Project helped coordinate a public walking meditation in honor of International Peace Day.

A small group of meditators arrived at the U.N. Plaza at 11am and walked slowly in a line down 43rd Street towards Times Square.


We passed by hot dog stands, and bustling storefronts, people yelling and people laughing.   Through it all I would remind myself  --- come back to the feeling of my feet upon the ground.

Desires for coffee and chocolate, aversion and sleepiness all came to me during the walk.  Some people stared, some people didn't think twice about our presence, some people praised us -- and some asked who we were praising.

"If you practice mindful walking and deep listening all day long, that is the Four Noble Truths in action.  When the cause of suffering has been seen, healing is possible."  - Thich Nhat Hanh

May all beings experience peace.

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