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Thanksgiving Offering


Dear Family and Friends, those living and those no longer with us.

May our gratitude now be offered for the love and care you have given us.


May our plates be full of good intentions,

May our action follow with courtesy,

May our spirits be strengthened by this feast


Our work of service and love to those around us

begins at home with nourishment for ourselves.

May this celebration be one of thanks in receiving

and thanks for the ability to give


It is the spirit of generosity that makes our lives lively

it is the strain of continuity that offers us a home

no matter our surroundings


To those we've known we offer this feast,

this is the bounty of your efforts.

and to those we've yet to meet, 

may it nourish our acquaintance.


This body of love which we all share

is what we've gathered here to eat


This is the feast of 1,000 dreams and millions of labors

May it be offered to all.


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Happy Thanksgiving Patrick.

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