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Daily Connect: Video: Dr. Jeffrey Rubin on Yoga, Buddhism, Psychotherapy & Empathy

Dr. Jeffrey Rubin on bringing empathy to our lives and applying non-judgement in studying across the disciplines of Yoga, Buddhism and Western Psychology.

"One of the keys to whatever I've been able to do integrating yoga, buddhism, meditation, which is what I try to do in this book "The Art of Flourishing" one of the keys, is I didn't assume any kind of hierarchy or superiority. I just thought these are three humanly created systems, they weren't created by gods -- although Buddha was extraordinary, and Patanjali was extraordinary -- they were created by human beings. Therefore they might have certain orientations, and there might be things they stress, and there might be things some else stresses that can be useful, especially if we bring them together.

So that's the spirit that I look upon this, and then these turf wars sort of drop away, and then you can ask a question, what does your friend who is a yogini, what can she reveal that will help you in your Buddhist practice? Or what does the meditator have that might be enlightening to their friend who studies yoga?

So you have a whole different spirit of how to move through these disciplines, or any other discipline that touches you."

-- From Series "Buddhism and Psychotherapy: Intimate Dialogues between East/West Practitioners" at the Interdependence Project 11/7/2011

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