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28-Day Meditation Challenge Day 21: Paw-sitive Thinking

“If we stop to notice moments of pleasure — a flower poking up through the sidewalk, a puppy experiencing snow for the first time, a child’s hug – we have a resource for more joy.”  – Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness

Sometimes, life gives us moldy, sour lemons that are too far gone-off to make lemonade with.  In those cases, it can be really helpful to have a dog.
(This is Mister Christopher)
Some of the most beautiful moments in life for me have occurred just after a more difficult experience.
Whether it is physical, emotional, or psychological pain — difficulties seem to be really good at sharply bringing my attention to matters at hand.
But negative emotions and difficulties (like a break-up or death of someone we love) are no more “real” than the simple, joyful experiences of life — like breathing in fresh mountain air or sitting by a fire with an extraordinarily lovely black labrador.   Training in mindfulness can help us see how we add to, or create, our own drama in place of these extraordinarily ordinary experiences.
In Week 3, my encouragement is to bring that sense of acute awareness and attention one might usually reserve for crises into these simple, joyful moments of life, and as Sharon suggests, build “resiliency to face difficulties.”
You deserve whatever joy and beauty you are finding yourself into — feel free to embrace it.
(Sparks in the fire, photo courtesy Maitreya Levanchild)
Patrick Groneman is a meditation coach, artist, and aspiring organic gardener.  He is formerly the director of the Interdependence Project and has a special interest in applying the practice of mindfulness to everyday life.  He currently lives in Ireland and New York City
You can keep up with his blog and learn more about his coaching services at livingwithmindfulness.com
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Dogs + Fires = Smiles



Yay, Patrick! So nice to hear from you and see your pics. Big smile in reading this.

Maha love, K

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