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shhhhhh I have a secret....

I have been playing with something in my mind for the last week or so.  It may be obvious to most, and maybe some people have forgotten it, but it something I have been really trying to be aware of as I go through my day.  In our fast moving world we are always about the result, about getting somewhere, about possibly getting to a point where we are finally happy.   Through the four noble truths and through meditation we realize there is no such place, but yet everything we do every day is about getting to a specific result.  Especially in New York where things move so fast and we are working and doing so many different things at one time, we are always trying to get somewhere.   What if we too that all away, what if there was no where to get…What if there was no result you were after?

What I mean is if you take the result away from everything you do what do you have left?  The process… and how deeply in tune are you with the process?  Do you do it as a means to an end or do actually focus on what you are doing at the time you are doing it, versus thinking about how great it would be once I get there.

Everything we do in our physical plane has a result, I am drinking a cup of coffee, when I am done with this cup I may have a little more and then I will wash my cup.  Do I ever sit and enjoy every sip.  This is just a small metaphor for what I am talking about.  When you work out? Do you work out for the pleasure of it? Do you enjoy the process? Or are you more concerned with the result of what you will look like.

Think about all the things you do every day from little to large, and how many things do you do because you want a desired result versus how many things do you do where you enjoy the process so much that any desired result does not matter.   What if we actually learned in school because we wanted to learn versus getting a result of a grade, if we switched our mind focus on the subject versus the result, don't you think you would have learned more and the ultimate grade would have probably been better. 

Now in your mind take away the result…take away the result of finishing this article, take away the result of how fast you can finish your work today to get out, take yourself away from the result of everything.  There is no where you are going to get to except by going through this moment.

Work on this for a week.  Everytime your mind wonders bring it back to no result and concentrate just on the process.  This is great for those of us who love instant gratification.   If you can start focusing on the process instead of the result, you will find a lot of things start to change in your mind.  Just let go of the result.   

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