Day 21: 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

This is the final post.  I hope that you have taken these posts as a way to explore your own view of privilege, racism, and bias.  

As a final thought does mindfulness help reduce or allow us to be more aware of racism?  Can our practice on the cushion help us look at bias or privilege?  Could metta or compassion practice help? Here is a small study that shows some impact.  

Do you have any thoughts about where this journey has taken you?  Anything you plan to change or do next?  



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I find it fascinating and encouraging that such non-specific mindfulness training could have such varied and far-reaching results as to reduce prejudice and overeating.

One thought that has been on my mind this morning is wondering what is (or was) the most racially inclusive, least biased culture in human history. I'm no expert but I've tried going through what I know about modern cultures throughout the world and also ancient cultures. In every case, I can think of at least some evidence of bias. So now I'm left wondering.

Does anyone have any thoughts or know of a particularly egalitarian culture that exists or has existed?

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