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Post-Yoga (or Any Time) Relaxation

I’m going to share with you a relaxation exercise that I do after yoga sometimes that can help you relax after yoga or whenever you want.

Lie on your back with your arms at your side, palms facing the ceiling. Relax your hips, neck, back, and the rest of your body as much as you can.

Take a few moments to simply breathe and relax.

After a bit of calm has settled, imagine that with every in-breath, energy from the earth is coming up through the floor, and permeating every part of your body--your muscles, your brain, your heart, etc. With every out-breath, that energy leaves your body, dragging any tension from your body back into the earth. If there are areas of your body that are particularly tense, focus your attention on that area for a few breaths. Every once in a while, try to focus on your entire body. Do this for a few minutes.

After you have done the above for a few minutes, imagine that with every in-breath heat is generated from within your body and that heat burns off the tension in your body. With every out-breath, imagine that those waves of heat radiate upwards into the air above you taking the remnants of your tension with it. Again, focus on specific areas of your body/mind that are tense if necessary. Do this for a few minutes.

Now, imagine that your entire body is filled with water, and that water sloshes around like a giant pool with every in-breath and out-breath. The waves of breath make waves in the water, and those weaves cleanse and relax your body. Focus on any areas that need attention as necessary. Do this for a few minutes.

Next, imagine that the air you breathe comes into your lungs, but does not stop there. On every in-breath, the air fills your entire body, and with your exhale, that air to leaves your body and takes the tension with it. Again, a few minutes of this, focusing on tense areas as you wish.

Lastly, do all four of these at once. With every in-breath, let the energy from the earth rise up and grab your tension, let the heat within your body flare up and expand, let the water within you slosh back and forth, and let the air you breathe fill up your body. When you exhale, let the energy from the earth take the tension you have back into it, let the heat from your body radiate up into the air, let the water in your body roll as your breath takes it, and let the air from your body go back out through your nostrils and mouth taking all the tension with it. Do this for a few minutes.

The key thing to remember about this is that this can help you relax, but this isn’t spiritual magic. Our mind simply has the power to affect our bodies.

After doing this exercise, go to a mediation cushion. Do a few minutes of basic shamatha meditation. Then focus your mind on one or more of these questions:

How can things that are “not real” (imaginary energy, etc.) affect what is “real” (your body)?

What about your perceptual experience of body makes you certain of its existence? Do you actually perceive and experience 'a body?' Where does that experience of 'body' come from? What does it consist of?

Thanks for trying this out. I hope it brings you some wisdom.


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I will try that, yoga doesn't

I will try that, yoga doesn't seem to be as difficult as other may think. In fact it comes with some interesting relaxation techniques and it's all about body and mental health, I am a fan.

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