What are Journals?

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Curious what other people think about your new zafu? Have a point of view on current events or a great recipe to share? Post it here!  Community Journals are the place to post pictures, text, and video links to share with the greater community of people interested in Interdependence and Buddhist Meditation.  You can also browse recent posts and vote your favorites to the recommended journals list.  You don't have to be an IDP Member to post, you just have to have a login.  The conversation is in your hands, take it where it needs to go!

Before posting to our website, be sure to review our Rules & Guidelines for Posted Material

Some Suggestions for Posts

  • Comment on a Current Event
  • Picture of your Dog
  • Short Story or Personal Journal
  • Inspiring Quote
  • Art Project
  • Event Announcement
  • Discussion about an IDP class (or other class)
  • Book or Movie Review
  • Recipe or How-To 

Suggested Topics for Posts

  • Activism and Politics
  • Arts and Media
  • Events 
  • Science & Technology
  • Meditation Practice 
  • Buddhism
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Nutrition & Body Wellness

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