New to Meditation?

Buddhist Meditation for Beginners in NYC and beyond!The Five W’s Of Meditation 

Who meditates? 

All kinds of people meditate. Bus drivers, lawyers, painters, stay-at-home-moms, rabbis, pizza guys, teachers, gardeners, writers – all have been known to meditate. Some people meditate as their only spiritual practice, while many Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims and people of every faith use meditation as a complement to their religious beliefs. 

What is meditation?

There are many different kinds of meditation, the form we most commonly reference is the practice of noticing your thoughts and developing greater concentration. 

Where should I meditate?

It’s best to have a daily home practice so that you can develop the meditation habit. It’s equally important, if possible, to find a qualified teacher and community of fellow meditators to support your practice. 

When should I meditate?

Whenever you can find the time! Many find an early morning practice is useful, to set the tone for the day before the world wakes up. Others find an evening meditation is more suitable. Aiming for a five to twenty minute period of sitting meditation each day, whenever you have the time, is a great place to start. 

Why meditate?

Some people say that a daily meditation practice helps them develop practical tools for making clearer decisions in their lives. Others say that meditation acts like a slow, methodical power washer for the window between their thoughts and reality, clearing away years of gunk to reveal the truth of what is. If you choose to take up this path, you may find that meditation is a goal-less practice that will take you exactly where you need to be. 

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