Teaching Mindfulness to Children Training Program - Begins 9/14

Registration Deadline Extended to 8/31!


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Fri, 9/14/2018, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sat, 9/15/2018, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Fri, 10/5/2018, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sat, 10/6/2018, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sat, 10/27/2018, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun, 10/28/2018, 10:00am - 1:00pm
Sat, 11/10/2018, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun, 11/11/2018, 10:00am - 1:00pm
Sat, 1/12/2019, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun, 1/13/2019, 10:00am - 1:00pm
Sat, 2/16/2019, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun, 2/17/2019, 10:00am - 1:00pm


This six-month intensive training provides educators, therapists, counselors and other youth professionals including parents, with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to effectively teach mindfulness and compassion techniques to children aged 5-17.  


This unique program has been created and is directed by Heidi Marben, PsyD., a child psychologist who developed and teaches the mindfulness program for lower school students at Trinity School in New York City. Heidi has also led parent-child classes at IDP and Jewel Heart NYC, and teaches teacher training workshops in NYC. 


This program will enable you to cultivate an environment where children can build resilience and reduce stress, while promoting stronger relationships through better communication, patience, self-compassion and kindness with one another.


Participants will begin by establishing their own personal practice, creating a foundation from which they can confidently offer children mindfulness techniques.  This program includes:

  • Rigorous personal mindfulness instruction and practice, including an exploration of texts and
  • techniques from different traditions and teachers
  • An understanding of self-compassion and equanimity to prevent teacher burnout and
  • discouragement
  • Experiential learning and practice of age-appropriate mindfulness techniques
  • Ways to create a mindful classroom and home environment
  • Discussion of research on mindfulness and compassion and child development
  • Detailed instruction and assistance in designing a curriculum relevant to your needs and the
  • needs of your program/situation
  • Admission to IDP’s monthly Half Day Meditation Retreat, to support and deepen your personal
  • mindfulness practice
  • A copy of Dr. Marben’s  Mindfulness Curriculum for Lower School, which contains teaching
  • guidelines and detailed lesson plans for children 
  • 60 hours of class time over six months and a commitment to practice meditation daily 




Practice Intensive 1: Establishing Your Foundation

Understand how mindfulness and concentration are developed through meditative techniques, learn how mindfulness supports emotional self-regulation, and practice sitting and walking meditation. With Kimberly Brown and Nandini Naik. 

September 14, 7:00–9:00 pm   

September 15, 10:00am–5:00 pm   


Practice Intensive 2: Cultivating Self-Compassion 

Learn and develop compassion and lovingkindness meditation, discover the contemporary research and understandings of compassion and its impact for self and others, and learn to prevent burn-out and overwhelm.  With Kimberly Brown.

October 5, 7:00–9:00 pm   

October 6, 10:00am–5:00 pm


Training Weekend 1: Teaching Mindfulness to Children 

Explore the basic principles of teaching mindfulness and children, including the science and research, how to offer introductory lessons to kids 5-12, and the importance of creating a mindful environment. How to create and develop your own mindfulness curriculum. With Dr. Heidi Marben and Rey Horowitz. 

October 27, 10:00am–5:00 pm  

October 28, 10:00am–1:00 pm


Training Weekend 2: Teaching Kids to be Kind  

Learn to introduce the concepts of kindness and compassion, how to create a compassionate classroom, and specific techniques and lesson plans to help children of all ages develop lovingkindness and compassion for themselves and others. With Dr. Heidi Marben and Rey Horowitz. 

November 10, 10:00am–5:00 pm  

November 11, 10:00am–1:00 pm


Training Weekend 3: Working with Adolescents and More

Understand the particular challenges and opportunities in offering mindfulness, compassion, and meditation practices to children 12-17, learn about trauma-informed practice, and refine your teaching techniques with experiential exercises.  With Rey Horowitz. 

January 12, 10:00am–5:00 pm  

January 13, 10:00am–1:00 pm


Training Weekend 4: Dealing with Difficulties and Final Presentation

Discussion and suggestions for working with the common hindrances that may arise from children, teachers, and parents. Participants will present their personalized mindfulness curriculum to meet the needs of the children they work with, and peers and teachers will provide encouragement and feedback. With Dr. Heidi Marben and Rey Horowitz. 


February 16, 10:00am–5:00 pm  

February 17, 10:00am–1:00 pm





Experience working with children is recommended.

A commitment to establishing a daily mindfulness meditation practice. The foundation for

creating a mindful environment for children is your own personal practice.

Attendance at all weekends and check-ins is strongly recommended. If you have concerns

about your ability to participate, please email us to discuss.

Completed application, due by August 24th.

Deposit of $500 upon submitting application to confirm your spot.

Balance paid by August 31.


In order to ensure applicants’ suitability for this program, we may contact and interview an applicant by phone or through other means in order to obtain additional information required to support your application. If an applicant is not accepted at this time, we will refund any payments made.



This program is offered on a sliding fee scale. Please select the appropriate rate to enable IDP to offer this training to as many participants as possible. Scroll below for scholarship opportunities. Space is limited. Please register early to save your seat.  No registrations will be accepted after 8/17/18.



Supported    $1200: this is a discounted rate offered for students, public school teachers, and

others who have financial needs and are unable to pay full tuition

Full           $1600: this is the basic cost of the program, which IDP offers at the lowest cost

available so we can offer this program to as many people as possible

Patron          $2100: suggested for those who can pay the full cost of this program, and are able

to help support others to participate and share these practices with the world 


Payment and Refund Policies

·      Upon applying, participants must submit a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the program tuition. The remaining 50% of the program tuition must be received by August 31, 2018.

·      Because we can accept only a limited number of applications, we cannot offer refunds.

·      Payment plans can be arranged for the Full or Patron Tuition rates only. Contact us if you’re interested in arranging a payment plan.



Limited scholarship funds are available and are awarded in order of request. Please indicate on application if you wish to be considered for a Work-Study discount position or a Person of Color scholarship.






HeidiHeidi Marben, PsyD., has been teaching in schools for more than thirty years. She holds a master’s degree in Elementary and Special Education, and a doctorate from NYU in School and Child Psychology. Heidi has worked for the past 11 years as the lower school psychologist at Trinity School, where she has developed and taught a mindfulness curriculum since 2009. In addition, Heidi maintains a private practice in Greenwich Village. She has studied and practiced Buddhism for 14 years and is interested in the exploration and application of Western and Buddhist psychological theory and practice, and is a graduate of IDP’s Yearlong Immersion Program. She takes great joy in working with children and their parents.



ReyRey Horowitz is a mindfulness instructor and a graduate of IDP’s 2017 Meditation Teacher Training Program, and has been meditating for fifteen years. A high school teacher for two decades, Rey is committed to bringing mindfulness to school teachers and to students to help transform the culture of schools. Rey has trained with Mindful Schools and Lineage Project. 









Kim Kimberly Brown is a meditation teacher as well as IDP's Executive Director. She graduated from the 2011 Meditation Teacher Training, and has since been leading mindfulness and compassion classes, workshops, and retreats for groups and individuals. Kim studies American and Tibetan Buddhism and practices lovingkindness meditation. Her teaching methods integrate depth psychology, compassion training, and traditional Buddhist techniques as a means to help everyone reconnect to their inherent clarity and openness.


NandiniNandini Naik is a meditation teacher and a graduate of IDP’s Meditation Teacher Training. She was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and was introduced to meditation as a child. A former NYC public school teacher, Nandini taught English and theater to children for six years. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.










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